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Installation -NAM, take, taken
Feast of the Spirit 2016
church with the damsel tower - Schildwolde

Schildwolde 009.JPG

In the spring of 2016 I made an installation for the church in Schildwolde for the Feast of the Spirit event. I preferred this church because in the middle of the choir is a bench. A rather striking place and at the same time a statement. This is about something important!


My plan was to wrap the bench in paper cuts. A number of keywords immediately surfaced: veil, closed, locked up, hiding, salvaged, etc. But I was also looking for something a bit more obscure. When the news came that many people in Groningen have psychological complaints because of the earthquake problems, it was clear.

Schildwolde is located in the middle of the earthquake zone. So my work consisted out a pattern of paper drilling rigs.

The repeating motif of drilling rigs was only visible when you came closer. The work evoked many associations and invited discussion and reflection.

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