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IAPMA exposition
21 april - 11 august
Castle Hagen im Bremischen

The work "Semper viridus vitae" can be seen at the exhibition "ReBloom", organized by IAPMA in Castle Hagen im Bremischen .

Open April 21 to August 11


I took the hedera helix as a starting point for “Rebloom”.

Already in ancient times, the ivy as an evergreen plant was the symbol of eternal life. But also of loyalty, attachment and tenacity.

The dense and lush vegetation of ivy provides an ideal habitat for a variety of animals, including insects, spiders, birds and small mammals. The leaves and branches of ivy serve as shelters, nesting sites and foraging areas for these animals.


A plant full of symbolism, vitality and good for biodiversity.

Ons laand - MOW

Around 150 artists responded to the museum's call to be inspired by Westerwolde. You will find these very different works like a ribbon through the museum.

My share is a work of 40x40cm. in corrugated cardboard where the bottom layer becomes visible by lasering. The work is very vulnerable.
The underlying edited image is a photo of the small-scale landscape before the land consolidation .


Museum the MOW - Ons laand
April 14 to October 6

BARST nummer 1 lijst.jpg

exhibition "Paper Here"
De koperen knop

A number of my works can be seen in the history museum of Hardinxveld-Giessendam in the exhibition "PAPER HERE".


Paper in folding art, cutting art, papier-mâché and collages. The history of paper is also discussed.


There are challenging workshops to do, such as paper cutting and folding and more.

Museum De koperen knop

May 25, 2024 to August 31, 2024

August 3 and 4 11am - 5pm | art route 4 studios

You can visit us in the middle of summer, four artists at three locations will give an open house.

The participants are Anne Marieke Millenaar, Maarten Robert, Anne Wine and myself.

More info will follow...


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