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Installations in Churches

I made my first installation in the church of Adorp - The wall as a canvas. The works were all hand cut in dark painted paper, contrasting with the wall. It was an attempt to temporarily bring back missing images. A link to the iconoclasm of 1566. I noticed that an interaction between interior/historical setting and my work fits well. I continued on that path, often with socially relevant themes.

installation - Feast of the Spirit - Noordbroek church
Installation The wall as a canvas - Adorp church
installation BARST - Art Month Ameland - Mennonite Church Ballum
installation - Kunstschouw - Noordwelle church
installation "NAM, take, taken" - Feast of the Spirit - Schilwolde church
detail installation BARST - Art Month Ameland - Westerlaankerk Hollum
installation "Turn the Table" - Feast of the Spirit - Jacobikerk Uithuizen
Art moment Diepenheim church (14)_edite
Installation Blanco - Vliegend Vrij church Culemborg
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