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Installation - Memory
Ameland Art Month 2011
Mennonite Church Ballum

3 ballum ameland.jpg

Memory - There were only a few churchgoers who visited the Baptist church in Ballum. I fantasized that they were very elderly ladies, living their lives in the service of others.

The church had a beautiful intimate quiet atmosphere, I felt included, quiet silence descends on your still place, the time that stood still, loved by the few people who went to church here.

I made crocheted doilies in burnt paper. An ode to manual dexterity, math and foresight.

The Bijou series are objects made of paper. The women took care not to be lazy in their free hours, for example, it was coveted that no books were read, but manual labor was a possible use of time. A crocheted doily symbolizes the ordered time.  Skill, precision, foresight and the ability to fit in were prerequisites for the order and quality of the work. It also says something about the order in society, about the place that women occupied at that time. What place do women have in society today?

I was the last artist to exhibit in the church, after that it became an B&B.

Hyperbole space explained


Where a love of crochet and math can lead to.
Did you know that professor Daina Taiminahas found a way to make a physical model of hyperbolic space.
Taimina intuitively sensed that the essence of this construction was simply increasing the number of stitches in each row. As the work gets bigger, the surface naturally begins to wrinkle and become jagged.

Today, her creations are used to explain hyperbolic space.

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