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Monks work 2018
installation "Do you still understand?"
church Den Andel

In the summer of 2018, the first edition of the event "monnikenwerk"  took place. Five artists worked in four churches on six Wednesdays.


I worked three Wednesdays in the church of Den Andel.

The inducement for the work is the gas extraction problem (50% of the (old historic) Groningen churches have been damaged by gas extraction).

I noticed that I understood less and less what is going on around this problem, all kinds of policies tumble over each other, intentions, consultation structures, layer over layer and what are the consequences, consequences...


The work is called “Do you still understand”


I stretched a long thread between five robust benches in a chaotic pattern and it was up to the public to contribute to the work.

There were scraps, shards, on the table, visitors could participate in the work by hanging 1 or more paper shapes on the thread.

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