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Installation -Turn the Table
Feast of the Spirit 2018
Jacobi Church - Uithuizen

The centrally located historic Jacobikerk in Uithuizen is owned by the Oude Groninger Kerken Foundation. It is a fine example of Groningen's heritage.

Allert Meijer, Jan de Rijk, Arp Schnitger, among others, have left their mark there.

What fascinated me, apart from the historical setting, was the semi-closed choir with the separate kidney-shaped table with a double row of (wobbly) benches around it. Before you can enter this room, you have to pass under the Menkema's men's bench (from 1703).

This room with the medieval vault paintings has a special (intimate) atmosphere.

Uithuizen is located in the natural gas extraction area/mining area, the problem has been and is being discussed at many tables. At the table, decisions are made, spoken, discussed, rejected, (in) clarity created, scheming, swept under or off the table and the possibility to get something to the surface. Processes going on in this area.


I used this data for my project/installation.


I temporarily brought a fragile image into the church that broaches a current theme. The work entered into a relationship with interior and space.


My material is paper, fragile material that seems tailored to the subject, deceptively decorative.

The table is covered/covered with a multitude of “cracks” and on the floor within the contour of the table too, a reflection/shadow or is it the other way around?


The title “Turn the Tables” refers to turning the tables, turning a position of disadvantage into one of advantage.


This project is a continuation of previous work in the church of Schildwolde and at Paper Art 2017 in CODA with the underlying theme of gas extraction.

Choir Jacobikerk Uithuizen
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