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Installation - Harvest Festival
Art moment 2010
church Diepenheim

2 art momentdiepenheim church.jpg

Around 2010 there was a turning point in my use of materials. Paper offered me more interesting visual possibilities. Because of its fragility, the material fits better with my themes.

At Kunstmoment Diepenheim I subtly commented on our consumer culture with the installation Harvest Festival in the church of Diepenheim. The installation consisted of garlands made of wire with small silhouettes of dead ducks. From a distance they looked like delicate streamers, rustling slightly, moving with a gust of air. Only when you came closer you could see the critters hanging. At the same time, the church was decorated in the context of the traditional harvest festival, the abundance festively visible. It is the first time that I have addressed a current social theme with an installation.


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