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Wunderkammer | Usquert

An exhibition/installation at the historic house from Jacqueline Kasemier and Jan Aldershof.

My work was on display in the dining room of their home in December 2023.


I made two objects for the table especially for this exhibition.

Along the walls are boxes with lasered images of ancient plants on them.

On the mantelpiece were portraits based on paintings of historical women with lace collars.

The room itself is a derivative combination of natural elements. Tendrils on the wallpaper, a frivolous organic finish on a chair, the carpet that depicts an abstracted garden. The ceiling with a painting of flowers and insects. But also decay, keeping time.

I felt completely at home here.


My work coincided with the carefully composed dining room.

During the exhibition, I saw new possibilities to explore.

So to be continued somewhere... (in another interior?)

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